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betway必威登录:Midline soft seal butterfly valve features

time:2015/11/21from:Hangzhou Kaiwei Valve Group Co., LTD
Midline soft seal butterfly valve is a pipeline preferred butterfly valve, with a simple structure, small flow resistance coefficient, flow characteristics of a straight line, will not remain in the debris. And light weight, easy to install, the advantages of smaller drive torque. This valve can be used as a medium for cutting off, and can be used as a regulator of the flow of the medium. Drive device according to user requirements, can be used in manual, electric, pneumatic, etc.. The choice of different materials parts with, different materials of the sealing ring, which can be adapted to different media, condition, the cost and performance to achieve the best effect. Soft seal butterfly valve used in temperature is less than or equal to 120 DEG C or less than or equal to 150 DEG C, the nominal pressure equal to or lower than 1.6Mpa for drainage, sewage, food, heating, gas, ship, water, electricity, metallurgy, energy systems, as well as textile and other industries, especially suitable for bi-directional sealing and valve body is easy to be corroded occasions, to adjust the flux and the closure of media.
Its main features are:
1, compact and lightweight, easy disassembly and maintenance, and can be installed in any position.
2, the structure is simple, compact, the operation of small, 90 degrees of torque, rotating open quickly.
3, the flow characteristics of the straight line, adjust the performance is good.
Connect 4, butterfly plate and valve stem with no pin structure, overcome the possible internal leak.
5, the use of the spherical surface of the butterfly plate, improve the sealing performance and extend the service life of the valve, with pressure opening and closing more than 50000 times to maintain zero leakage.
6, the seal can be replaced, and the seal is reliable to achieve two-way sealing.
7, butterfly board can be based on user requirements, such as nylon or ptfe.
8, the valve can be designed into the flange connection and clamp connection.
9, the driver can choose manual, electric or pneumatic.
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